Why acoustic? 
When working with large buildings, rooms or in open areas that have a lot of synthetic background noise it can cause discomfort and can be distracting if there are several people performing individual or group activities. Acoustic material can be designed and created to absorb these background noises and create a comfortable acoustic environment. It is known and confirms the importance that acoustics play in the terms of safety and can improve work and effective learning. 
This acoustic material can be designed to create these panels that can be arranged and suspended to your requirements and also as standing objects. There are a variety of fabric colours to choose from or you can tailor the fabric with your own logo or print. This makes it easy to create the vision you are looking for. 
So where do we as a lighting solutions company come in to play with this? You are able to integrate lighting into these panels, so not only do you create a healthy and comfortable environment but you can light up the space as well. There are several ways of using light within these panels and you can create each panel to your requirements. It is a feature that is innovative and decorative but also useful and serves a favourable purpose. With the acoustic and lighting we can create calculations to make sure that the guides for lighting and acoustic are met to the standards. 
LED Technology 
Each panel has a unique way of incorporating the lighting and due to the variety of how the lighting can be intergrated it can be matched to your vision. Luminiares can also be fitted along side the panels due to the panels being flexible with shaping and sizes. This allows you to be more creative with placement of the luminaires and panels. There are different ways of incorporating the lighting into the panels such as flush lighting panels, spotlights, front line lighting, rear line lighting and linear. 
If you have any questions then please contact us and we are more than happy to shed some more light on the products for you. 

COLOURS  These panels can be created from a variety of colour options so you can be as vibrant or as subtle as you would like. You can also personalise the fabirc with a logo or printed patterns are avalaible. Please contact us if you would like more information on the fabirc colours and patterns. 

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